Dimplex WI 9ME

Water-to-water heat pump with stainless steel coil heat exchanger.

Heat pump for heating purposes for indoor installation with integrated heat pump manager. The control panel is integrated in a design screen and can also be used as wired remote control using the wall mounting set (special accessories MS PGD). Variable connection options for the ground water and heating connections on the rear wall of the casing. Sound-optimised through insulated metal casing and double vibration-isolated compressor. Economiser for high coefficients of performance (COP). Integrated corrosion-proof and freeze-proof stainless steel coil evaporator. Universal design with optional domestic hot water preparation and flexible expansion possibilities for:
– Bivalent or bivalent-renewable operating mode
– Distribution systems with unmixed and mixed heating circuits

Integrated soft starter (from WI 14), integrated flow rate switch and load contactor for a well water pump; flow sensor, return sensor, external sensor (standard NTC-2) and dirt filter for ground water included in the scope of supply.

Max. flow temperature: 55 °C

Heat output W10/W35 / COP W10/W35: 8,20 kW / 4,80

Heat output W10/W45 / COP W10/W45: 7,70 kW / 3,70

Nominal power consumption according to EN 14511 at W10/W35: 1,68 kW

Sound power level: 53 dB (A)

2018 Rafson EHF